Prioritising Sustainability: Investment in
eco-friendly construction technologies,
and green energy pays dividends

23 May 2023
CEO / Business Development Director | Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC

Anita Nouri

As the leader and CEO of GESS, Anita Nouri was integral in pioneering the First Landfill Gas to Energy Project in the region. The Al Qusais Landfill is a showcase of what can be done in a region that is still landfilling most of its waste. The project is significant in the reduction of CO2 emissions and is reducing the impact of Methane (CH4) to the atmosphere by over 300,000 tons of CO2 equivalent registered with the UNFCCC as project #8269. Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC had a signed Emission reduction agreement with the Norwegian government to monetize the Carbon Credits. In the next phase there will be additional Carbon Benefits and that project will be registered under Regional Schemes supporting the local Carbon Offset market needs.

GESS has established itself as a leader in the region.  Anita Nouri has been a speaker at many events, as well as being acknowledged for the work she has done, she has also attained several awards for Sustainable Smart solutions.   GESS is targeting landfills and waste management strategies that are providing environmental solutions throughout the region by supporting the development of government legislation and regulations that will drive the Green Economy.

“As entrepreneurs we are proud that this standalone project is setting the benchmark in the region for alternative energy”.  All landfills need to be degassed and utilized for power, this is her mission and GESS has established itself as a leader towards that goal in the region.