Prioritising Sustainability: Investment in
eco-friendly construction technologies,
and green energy pays dividends

23 May 2023
CTO | Bayanat

Dr. Fan Zhu

As CTO, Dr. Fan is responsible for outlining the technological vision of Bayanat, as well as optimising the production workflow, and augmenting the product portfolio with state-of-the-art AI technology.  Dr. Fan’s role includes the development and dissemination of technologies that grow the business externally, as well as implementing services and products that serve Bayanat’s clients and customers. Dr. Fan leads Bayanat’s momentum in AI, cloud solutions, and digital transformation, and is deeply involved in Bayanat’s strategy development, operations, and overall execution of the company’s successful partnerships.

Dr. Fan is a highly considered expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and has authored/co-authored 100+ papers in top AI conferences and journals, and holds 5 US patents. Dr. Fan holds a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Vision, and was a recipient of the highly competitive National Outstanding Overseas Students of China Award in 2014.