Prioritising Sustainability: Investment in
eco-friendly construction technologies,
and green energy pays dividends

24 May 2023
Director | Engineering Contracting Company LLC-(ECC)

Kareem Farah

Kareem Farah is responsible for overall performance and growth of Engineering Contracting Company LLC with more than16 years of experience in engineering and construction industry.

He obtained a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Under Kareem’s leadership, ECC has become a market leader in innovation, research & development, and a pioneer in the construction industry as one of the early adopters of new technology.

Key achievements include the adoption of BIM, which provides users with insights or tools for architecture, engineering and construction, and leading the market with Lean principles, delivering greater efficiency and streamlined operations. Kareem advanced ECC towards phenomenal growth of around 15% annually in the last 3 to 4 years. Under his direction ECC has received multiple highly recognized awards from key partners in the region.

Back year 2017, he was awarded as the Young Entrepreneur. Kareem is also a board member of the Engineering Contracting Company Group (ECC Group), where he is responsible for overseeing the performance of various divisions of ECC Group.