Prioritising Sustainability: Investment in
eco-friendly construction technologies,
and green energy pays dividends

23 May 2023
Senior Manager – Sustainability and Climate Change, Climate Change Service Lead Middle East | Mott MacDonald

Lisa Terry

Lisa Terry is a senior manager for sustainability and climate change at Mott MacDonald. She is currently leading the organisation’s climate change and carbon management agenda in the Middle East and is playing an integral part in its preparations for COP28.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Lisa has worked with diverse stakeholders, including corporations, NGOs, and government entities, to develop and implement sustainable practices that align with business objectives and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Her expertise spans a wide range of sustainability and climate change domains, including ESG strategy development, circular economy initiatives, climate resilience, and decarbonisation roadmaps. Her strategic mindset and holistic approach enable her to identify opportunities for sustainable growth and navigate complex challenges.

Lisa’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond her professional endeavours. She actively participates in community outreach programmes and mentors aspiring professionals. Her commitment to making a difference has earned her recognition and accolades within the sustainability community.